Q: I'm coming to the festival as a designated driver, so I don't plan to drink. Do I still have to pay the admission fee?

A: Everyone attending the festival must pay the admission fee. Those who are either designated drivers, or not drinking for other reasons and don't want to pay the admission fee, are welcome to enjoy the festivities in the courtyard in front of the festival tent, where there is seating and oftentimes food trucks in the area. 

Q: I paid for a bottle/bottles of wine, but it had not arrived at the storage room before I needed to leave. How can I get my order?

A: Any wine not picked up at the festival is brought back to the ADDC office, located at Albemarle City Hall. ADDC staff will make attempts to contact you using the contact information left on the bottle label. As it is a federal offense for anyone outside of the vineyard industry to send bottled wine by mail, you must pick up your purchase at the ADDC office. Any wine not picked up after 30 days following the festival will then become property of the ADDC. 

Q: Can I bring my baby/fur baby to the festival? I really don't feel like I can leave them at home.

A: Only PEOPLE over the age of 21 are allowed in the festival area. Even if you have your baby or pet secured, the festival area gets very crowded, and can make for a very uncomfortable setting for little ones.